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22 Sep, 2023 Update
Collective response to Unity's recently decision.

The main problem is that an update to the runtime fee doesn't solve its fundamental issue: its existential impact on the game dev community. Building a games business while paying runtime fees, even with its proposed revenue cap, is not an option, and many developers will use the old version of Unity Engine to avoid that fee.

The latest announcement shows again that the game developer community has no choice but to explore and focus on other engines.

Sadly, Unity is also unwilling to openly communicate with its community in a true dialogue to find common ground and a workable solution. Instead, it chose again to inform its community of its changes as a fact. The market rules are simple - everyone prefers to do business with partners whose changes in terms and conditions are transparent and consider developers' interests.

That is why the community will not rely on Unity in the long run and already started migrating to other engines. As United Game Devs, we will focus on fostering and investing in open-sourced engines.

This letter has been signed by more than 30 companies and indie developers

Collective letter from game development companies: Turning off all IronSource and Unity Ads monetization until new conditions are reviewed

We are the collective voice of the game development industry - developers, game designers, artists, and business minds. Passionate about our craft, we've invested years in shaping an industry that touches the lives of millions worldwide. As stakeholders, we cannot remain silent when a decision threatens to destabilize this ecosystem.

Unity has been an instrumental force in this industry. In many ways, it has inspired us to create new immersive worlds and empowered a plethora of dynamic and independent developers to bring their visions to life. We've played our part in this journey, moving the industry forward and creating specialists that use Unity as the primary game engine for their projects.

We've hosted Unity-centered events, shared our knowledge, and crafted educational content that's inspired an international community. Thanks to this symbiosis, Unity has evolved into a cornerstone of game development and is now established as an indispensable asset in game creation.

That's why the September 12 announcement hits us hard. Effective January 1, 2024, Unity plans to introduce installation-dependent fees, a decision that jeopardizes small and large game developers alike, made without any industry consultation. To claim, as Unity has, that this new 'Runtime Fee' will impact only 10% of the industry is not just misleading, it's patently false.

We strongly oppose this move, which disregards the unique challenges and complexities of our industry.

While we've always viewed our work as a collaborative effort, this decision blindsided us. With one stroke of the pen, you've put hundreds of studios at risk, all without consultation or dialogue.

To put it in relatable terms - what if automakers suddenly decided to charge us for every mile driven on the car that you bought a year ago? The impact on consumers and the industry at large would be seismic.

This comes at a time when the industry is already grappling with tightening profit margins, heightened competition, and escalating costs in both development and marketing. This isn't just about developers. This impacts artists, designers, marketers, and producers. It's a cascade that could lead to the shuttering of companies that have given their all to this industry.

Unity, we've stood by and celebrated your every innovation. Why, then, were we left out of the conversation on a decision so monumental?

As a course of immediate action, our collective of game development companies is forced to turn off all ironSource and Unity Ads monetization across our projects until these changes are reconsidered.

We urge others who share this stance to do the same. The rules have changed, and the stakes are simply too high. The Runtime Fee is an unacceptable shift in our partnership with Unity that needs to be immediately canceled.

We entered this industry for the love of game development, but what makes it truly special is the community - a community built on openness, shared expertise, and collective progress.

If you share our sentiment, we call on you to join us. Turn off all IronSource and Unity Ads monetization until a fair and equitable resolution is found.

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